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Which Guitar to Choose

A customer recently was trying to decide between a fan fret Ibis and a Falcon baritone and he asked us “whether a fan fret Ibis vs. a Falcon would be the best option for CGCGCE tuning”.  So we turned to the expert – Michael Bashkin – for his perspective.

Michael’s response was “I would go with the Ibis and a med/heavy set of strings.  The Falcon is really a different concept and unless he wants a baritone I would not get it.  The baritone in designed to have the low E tuned to a B, so he would be tuning up which I don’t suggest, not to mention the longer scale.”

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Happy Hours Sale

We are introducing our new promotion – the “Happy Hours” sale starting October 9, 2015. The sale will begin every Friday at 5:00 pm and ends Sunday at 10:00 pm (times are EST).

This is it – your chance to get free upgrades. Each weekend we will offer a different option at no cost. For example, you could choose an arm bevel or rosewood body and not pay extra. What a great opportunity to get the guitar you’ve always wanted for an incredibly low price.

To find the latest special go to our home page and click on the link to Current Specials.

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Introducing the Avian Guitars Canada Blog

All the latest news from Oakville’s newest guitar dealer – Avian Guitars Canada. Your only source for the Avian line of acoustic and electric guitars in Canada.

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