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Another Happy Avian Owner!

We recently received this amazing note from Ryan Annable regarding the Skylark he had just purchased.

“The first thing I noticed when I sat down with the Skylark for the first time was the build. This guitar is solid! You can tell it was made with an attention to detail and quality that you would expect to find in a guitar worth twice the price. I was expecting it to feel foreign in my hands due to its unique shape and style, but the case was quite the opposite. Within seconds I was playing it like I had owned it for years.

Now, my sight has been gone for a while so I can’t personally speak to the look of it from a visual standpoint, but I made a point to show it off to some people and I received reactions that varied from “Wow!” to “It’s beautiful!”, and even a “That’s one sexy instrument!”

It plays like a dream as well! The clarity and even tones that come out of this guitar from high to low are absolutely phenomenal. I’ve had 2 people comment so far on how smooth it sounds when I’ve played it. I wish I could take the credit for this, but it was 100% the guitar. I chose this particular model because of the sound-hole placement. I was curious about the increased resonance it claims to give. This is no myth! The notes ring out and hold so beautifully that you will wonder if you have the reverb cranked even when it isn’t plugged in.

I was asked to write a short piece for a local event here in town this week, and I decided to use the Skylark for it. After I sent it to the event organizer I received a note back asking what effect I had used on the guitar to make it sound like that. I hadn’t used any effect what-so-ever. It was purely the guitar and the recording mic. That’s how great this thing is! The demi-cutaway is also a nice feature. You’re able to reach the higher frets without issue, and without compromising the sound at all like a full cutaway does.

The Skylark has quickly become the go-to guitar in my collection. So much so that I plan on owning the other 2 models, the Songbird, and the Dove in the very near future. “Avian” was the perfect brand name choice for these beauties. These birds can sing!”

Thank you fro the kind words Ryan. We love hearing stories like this from our customers.
If you want to check out the Skylark for yourself click here.