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Great New Website

The Music Fair is a blog/e-gazine for and about musicians and the gear and people behind them. Their main focus is on less-known brands and names. What we particularly like is that they care about the quality more than about the logos. They want to show people that there’s more to choose from than just Fender, Gibson and a few other major league players and that the smaller companies are often a much, much better alternative.

Their mission is to promote and facilitate growth of those smaller brands, increasing their visibility and competitiveness on the global market.

The folks at The Music Fair will be doing articles, reviews, interviews and features on artists, manufacturers and music industry people in general – they also want to prove that there are more ways to have a successful career in the music business than just being a rock star. They will be talking to gear producers, managers, venue owners, promoters, etc.

Visitors to their website can also expect giveaways (we’re told that the first ones are coming very, very soon), competitions, play-throughs and demos – they are also working on the renovation and the setup of a recording studio to ensure top quality videos. All of this sounds very exciting.

Wow! We love this concept. Get over to and check it out.

P.S. They did a review of our acoustics that you don’t want to miss!