The Skylark

From Reed Fromin
“I’ve regretted buying guitars before…that won’t be the case this time around!
What an exceptional instrument! I have one of the newly redesigned Taylor 810e’s and one of the newly redesigned Taylor 914ce’s…they’re both beautiful instruments in their own right and I’m very happy to have the opportunity to own and play them, but there’s something about this Skylark that neither of the other two have. Sometimes these things are a bit nebulous to be able to pinpoint exactly…some guitars just feel right without knowing exactly why, but one thing for certain…this Skylark rings like a bell…and absolutely perfectly in tune no matter what I’m doing (I assume it has something to do with the multi-scale fretboard)…that alone is so refreshing to experience. I feel like I’m hearing everything I play more clearly…after just a couple of days of becoming accustomed to the guitar I already sense an improvement in my playing as a result…I’m extremely happy about that!
So count me as an extremely happy customer…and I have my eye on a Falcon…stay tuned :).”

From Wiley Ashabranner
“The Skylark is absolutely breath taking. Well done, great workmanship and design. The intonation (which to me has more to do with a true setup more so than anything else) is fantastic. The interior is neat and no ‘wild glue’ areas like so many have. The fan fret was an instantaneous adaption.”

From Ryan Annable
“What a GREAT sounding guitar! It plays and sounds just as good as my Taylor at twice the price.”

From Kim McClelland
“Got home from a show in Philly last night to find the Skylark had arrived…it is so SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Love-Love-Love It!  Beautiful tone…easy to play and well just Magic!”

From Andy “AC” Phillips
“My first impressions of Avian guitars are very favorable. I played four of their acoustics – rosewood and mahogany versions of both the Songbird and Skylark models. The workmanship on each one was outstanding. Easily as good as anything I’ve seen on much more expensive guitars. They each played very well and the intonation was good all the way up the neck. I really like the demi-cutaway…it’s both functional and beautifully executed. Their tone is clear, resonant and natural, finger or flat-picked. The B-Band electronics are also great and delivered a very accurate amplified sound. Even the custom hard-shell case was impressive. Overall, I think they are a seriously good value for the money.”

From Kevin Mooney
“Playing the Skylark is a joy. The overtones of the wood are rich, the neck is smooth and the placement of the soundhole makes it much easier for me to hear what I am playing.  I  look forward to playing out with it soon and hope to get a picture or clip to you.
Harry’s design on this guitar is unique and forward thinking.  He got this one spot on,,,,right out of the box.  There are plenty of choices of guitars out there but this one fits like a glove for me.”

From Uwe Gramann
“I am extremely happy with the guitar, its absolutely wonderfully full and warm sound and superb finish.  It is a true pleasure to play with it and I find myself sometimes just playing aimlessly to just simply hear the instrument’s sound rather than any particular piece.”

From K.C. Bower
“I recently tried out the Avian Skylark at The Twelfth Fret in Toronto. The guitar I tried had a Rosewood sides/back if I recall and a Spruce top.
Just recorded this on my iPhone (balanced on my knee) and so I probably didn’t fully capture a balanced sound considering the placement of the sound hole. But this recording does capture the ease of play/setup. Listen here.
Right away I noticed the bigger sound from the sound hole! Because it’s up high, this gives more enjoyment to the player. Even though I am playing live more and more, 90% of my time playing is practice and so the Skylark would definitely be a refreshing change. You hear a bigger sound (the way your audience might hear it) and I think that is motivating.
Although this sample I did of my song “Waiting on the Rain” was just between the 3-5 frets, I did notice and like the scale of the neck/guitar.
When I was looking around the room at various guitars the Avian Skylark also stood out as very unique!”

 The Songbird

From Duane Rutter of the Duane Rutter Band
“The Songbird is the ultimate working musician’s stage axe! All solid woods with custom options galore!  It’s is a workhorse as well as a sweet sounding writing tool.  The Songbird has replaced my Martin D18 as my main stage axe and never let me down.  Incredible value for a custom ordered instrument.”

From Thomas Morris
“I just got back from playing an open mic with the Songbird. The audience (which included a long-time employee of the local Taylor guitar dealership and a guy who said he is in the process of remastering Michael Hedge’s “Aerial Boundaries” album) went fairly gaga over the sound. It did sound amazing. Thank you!”

Name Withheld
“Plays and sounds like a guitar that costs 2 or 3 times what this actually sells for. Bright, clean notes with wonderful sustain. Everything you would want from a mahogany guitar with the added attributes of the fan fret design”

From Yichen Zhan
“I got the guitar a couple of days ago, I really enjoy this guitar, the sound is amazing!….. No one can beat this guitar in this price range.”

From Joe Condello
“Sounds fantastic to my ears. The feel and playability are great. Loving the satin finish neck – didn’t realize it came that way.  I honestly choose the songbird based on looks and price – the demi cutaway and arm bevel had me hooked. The positive reviews online just helped solidify my choice.”

From Tianyi Hao
“I love the guitar. The sound is amazing.  I can say that this is one of the best guitars for this price.”

From Randall Haley
“I was also really impressed that you could offer a guitar in the $1500 price range that comes with an arm bevel and multiscale. These options are usually reserved for much more expensive instruments”

From Randy Q.
“The trebles are bright and clear and the bass is strong and resonates just how I like.”

From Wess Yates
“You guys do wonderful things at wonderful prices. Don’t ever change, your company is doing big things.”

 The Ibis

From David Chester
“This is as well built a guitar as I have ever seen, it sounds incredible, and handles my crazy turnings like low B up to an F#. The two friends who I’ve shown it to both said independently the next guitar they buy will be an Avian.”

From Todd Walker
“Sweet guitar !  I’m sure as it settles in it will be one of my favorite guitars, both at home and on  stage.  Really nice.  Love the arm bevel.

The Falcon

From Rick P.
“What a lovely guitar! It sounds beautiful, the neck is great and it’s pretty easy to play, considering it’s a baritone. I’m extremely happy with my purchase.”

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